Our Story

Our founder and CEO Sidney Ludidi grew up in South Africa, at a time when a quality education was not open for all. This is the reason for Intsha Foundation NPC, a non-profit organisation where education is  re-imagined.

Digital, blended, inter-active learning that is cost effective, time effective and with proven, measurable results. We know that limited opportunity for too many of our young people results in dramatically lower life prospects for them and a worse quality of life for all of us.


Our CEO Sidney Ludidi in 1978 


Sidney Ludidi today 

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our vision is to address the levels of "Learning Poverty" in Africa.

  • Our goal is to strengthen learning in Africa and contribute to poverty reduction.

  • ​We aim to partner with businesses, communities, industry and other academia to ensure that we will always be leading the African Education Revolution.


​Our Mission is:

  • To Revolutionise African Learning through Technology

  • Democratise Access to Fair and Equitable Learning and Skills Resources

  • To Access Pathways and Opportunities for Youth to Realise their Potential.

Achieving Our Vision

Intsha Foundation NPC, with the collaboration of our partners, provide technology-enabled learning solutions. This will ensure maximum impact on both the low- and middle-income African countries where “learning poverty” sits at 53%, and in the poorest countries where, on average, is at 80%. 


Intsha Foundation NPC,  its partners and associates, have truly pioneered learning technology by offering a range of unique solutions that give sustainability and coverage, overcoming the traditional learning barriers in learning, training and skills development environments.

Modern Learning