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Intsha Foundation NPC (2020/934297/09) is a non-profit organisation which believes that remote learning requires a re-imagining of education and has already engaged in re-designing of content with its partners and associates. Designed to address the unique background of African learners to provide multiple pathways and opportunities to realise their potential.

Intsha Foundation NPC, its partners and associates, provide digitally formatted and aligned education material, developed and tested for impact, on both old and new qualifications, for Africa. We, with our partners, have worked on contracts for International Education Projects from the likes of NORAD, to successfully providing all the material content and e-learning support for the current Telkom Mobile Education channel at national scale. We work with subject matter experts to deliver the best quality, affordable, measurable and aligned training in Africa. On a continent where we find ourselves in a wide variety of socio-economic, cultural, and indigenous language contexts, this becomes of particular importance.

Intsha Foundation NPC is harnessing best practices in blended learning, driven by digital delivery, to enable equitable access for all. African children and students are currently disadvantaged by the ‘open access’ learning materials offered in what is often not even their second, but third language. In addition, the materials are completely westernised and unfamiliar to their daily realities.


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